Our house holds all I love
Yet The door is open
For there’s always room
For more -one more, many more
Love knows no bounds
Love is my sanctuary.
My door is open.
Every night
The owls ask who
Who are you
Who is home
Who is gone?
Every morning
The doves cry
Cooing in mourning
For those who have gone
The afternoons bring
Light casting long shadows
Through the crystals
In the heart of the home.
The kitchen fills with
Tiny rainbows
Red, orange yellow, green, blue indigo, ultraviolet
Repeated and repeated
In attempts to draw for me
A time long ago
Or so it seems
That I could see the rain
Refracting the light
In the aftermath of
Storms. We’ve weathered
So many storms
Do you want to be
A new color?
Does the owl know
It’s brown and white?
Did the dove have any
Rejection of the black woodpecker
Making his way up the
Ponderosa pine
And wearing a headdress
Of a hunter?
Did she know he made her bed
Inside that tree?
If the mountain lion
Or the white tailed deer
Or my skunk, fat as he is wide
Only knew we were all so very afraid
Would they want to create
A sacred space
Or a sanctuary?
Would the owl ask again
Who is it?
My doors remain wide open
Yet no one comes in
No one leaves.
The spring led to fall
And we all missed the
Summer trips.
We skipped the routine
And we all call in well
To work, not sick for once.
We are celebrating
Being well
Not a return from illness, but
Isn’t this the way life should be?
Can’t I say it’s a beautiful day
I’m calling in for my sanity
I’m not waiting until I lose it anymore.
Can I fall on the ground
Out of breath
From dancing? My lab is
My living room my tools
The colors of the crystal
Refractions of the long
Fat rays of sun
I prefer my owls quest to find out who I am.
Or so I could stand here and ask why? Why me? Why us? Why?

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