The Talk about Cancer Podcast: Redefining purpose through writing with Serena Hu and Ilene Kaminsky

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We talked in-depth about how one’s life after a cancer diagnosis becomes not only difficult but sometimes falls completely apart. After my diagnosis with de novo (from the beginning) metastatic lobular invasive carcinoma, hormone receptor positive in March of 2015, the path I was on had completely lost purpose and I’d lost my way. I regained my life’s purpose through writing.

Writing was something of a crutch for me in bad times of my life but also in good. If I fell in love, if I’d lost love, when my parents divorced, when I arrived at university, when I married and subsequently got a divorce myself…writing personal essays and poetry in hundreds of journals – some I still own – became a comfort and an expression of joy.

Now writing had become a purpose for living a full life in the face of my own mortality. Please listen to my story and to others as we discuss life after a cancer diagnosis. Some good friends are interviewed by Serena Hu, a wonderful interviewer who touches on the heart of the matter so easily. To find out how you can tell your cancer story, click on the link and take a listen – and get in touch with Serena. She’s very gentle and respectful of what your story is and how you want it told.

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