Our MBC Life Podcast: The Healing Power of Writing

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Our MBC Life: The healing power of writing

During this month dedicated to Mental Health Awareness, we want to take a deep dive into the healing power of writing for those of us in the MBC community.  I have admired the writing of so many greats in our community:  the poet Anya Silver, memoirist and poet Nina Riggs, and the great blog writing found on Nancy’s Point, or the spunky writing of my friends Rebecca Timlin-Scalera or Emily Garnett.  Do you find writing intimidating or something that other people do?  In this episode, we speak about the writing process with the founder and editor of the Wildfire Magazine writing community, April Stearns, a writing workshop participant & psychotherapist Erin Weiss, and poet and writer Ilene Kaminsky

Like all good writing – we laugh, we cry, and we get inspired.”

That’s the text from the podcast description but my experience in taking to Lisa Laudico brought much joy in discussing how my blog, the poetry I’ve relied on through my darkness and my light helps me to bring sense to my world.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the interview. Please follow their podcast. You won’t regret a single minute.

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