Music for Your Soul

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Music & Cancer: Welcome to your very own Cancer Public Radio! Coping and confronting cancer through the therapeutic and healing power of music. A dedicated space exploring all the ways music, sound and song, provides support to those of us enduring cancer. Led by Rudy Fischman a terminal brain cancer endurer and Mila Knight a breast cancer survivor both music lovers like myself, I provide a little help and commentary.

Here’s the link for Clubhouse just download the app and do a quick search for cancer public radio and we’ll invite you in, we’re new but not exclusive, everyone’s welcome caregivers, thrives, survivors, people in any stage with any cancer or those who’ve been touched in some way by it.

The show/ discussion is becoming quickly popular and it’s audio only. If you’re a bit Zoom call burned out, it’s a refreshing change of pace and place, where you can be in your jammies, your birthday suit, driving, (hopefully not simultaneously) or doing your daily thing while listening to some great music. You’re also invited to talk if you’d like about the songs as they relate to your memories and your cancer experiences. You may also hear some new music that could add to your own personal soundtrack. I certainly have.

It’s our personal stories that arise through the joy and healing of music that make this a fun and joyful club with members who wish to join. So, tune in, turn on and meet us in the Clubhouse for something fun and different.

I welcome your comments!

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