UChicago Study Finds Lasofoxifene A Promising Treatment for Resistant Breast Cancer (Medicine)

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A drug originally developed for osteoporosis could provide a more effective treatment for people with therapy-resistant ER-positive metastatic breast…

UChicago Study Finds Lasofoxifene A Promising Treatment for Resistant Breast Cancer (Medicine)

A must read for anyone with ER+ MBC that’s become therapy resistant. It came out May 13th 2021. And so here’s another potential hope for some of us going forward.

I’ve also read a recent report on surgery as part of the treatment plans for MBC patients and how about 20 years ago it was removed from our treatments. Now after careful review of HER2+ and HR+ patients it turns out that surgery lengthened the mortality rates pretty significantly.

I’ve known about this since 2017 when I insisted on a lumpectomy to remove a remaining tumor in my right breast, I wrote about it on the blog that year as well. I not only wanted that damned thing out, but I wanted a fresh pathology of my cancer after nearly three years of treatments. I had the lumpectomy after I convinced my former oncologist using science backed information and studies that he read over the Christmas holiday. I had the surgery 2 weeks later using radio mammography and I looked weird with a wire sticking out of my bad bad, dense as shit right breast.

Leftie is still fine for some odd reason, And the metastasis continues. I’m on my sixth or seventh line of treatment if you account for a couple of weeks on Tamoxifen.

Please for your life and all of ours – share and keep reading those reports and looking for science backed information to bring your physicians. And if they don’t or won’t listen to you get a new one if possible or at least another opinion.

I’ve had several second opinions from oncologist at Dana Farber and from the Mayo Clinic. And each one of them concurred with my requests at the time. We won’t always be right or carrying the next protocol we’re looking for, but it sure beats sitting around wondering what the fuck is going on.

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