Cancer screenings delayed during Covid leading to deadly results


Read the well researched well collated information from around the United States and if the number is true that 10,000 additional cancer deaths would be extrapolated from 86% fewer screenings of breast cancer alone, I tend to think this number is not only low but optimistic.

While the number of screenings are on the rise the rise is slow.Very slow. And that means that people in socioeconomic demographics that typically did not want to get screened for fear of job loss and fear of rejection by their friends and families, we have an even worse problem on our hands. With education being behind in languages other than English and women afraid of what the outcomes might be – we will see much higher rates of stage four diagnoses in these groups of women.

What can be done now? How do we prevent this new pandemic from not taking out the lives of women who did not have access to routine mammography and in low socioeconomic pockets where before Covid was a deterrent there were still barriers to screening how do we make this a priority? We must push harder for mobile forms of mammography and other cancer screenings and take the equipment to the areas of highest need and worse yet higher mortality rates because of lack of education and access to quality health care.

As a white woman with dense breasts I would be in the same position as i would have been before Covid as during. I would have wound up in the hospital with the same problem and same diagnosis. But other women needn’t have the same fate as I have had to accept. We must do something soon or this will become even uglier than I suspect it already is. And I will not likely be alive to see something through and my energy is in the dumps with an over subscribed calendar and I’m finding it harder and harder to get up in the mornings. Not that I don’t want to do something but there’s entire non-profits like Komen and others that pride themselves on promoting early detection.

Where are they now? Where are they in the communities that will suffer the most pain and mortality. I see little input from them on taking the diagnostics and education into the communities that need them most. Please let me know if I’m mistaken, because it’s late and I am losing the sharp eyesight that allowed me to educate myself and to do the research I’d like to do. The diabetes caused by the Piqray and Metformin to keep this lovely side effect is keeping me from writing and researching as much as I want – even trying to transcribe my hand writing is becoming almost impossible.

Let’s at least start the conversations at the grass roots level. These reports are just starting to make their way quietly it seems into the public eye. Let’s put a microscope on the system and fight for some change before we find out that it’s way past the point of no return. This is going to be a long term problem with serious ramifications.

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  1. Sorry but my phone slipped out of my fingers, so my comment was sent before I was finished. During the pandemic fewer have visited the health care system. And unfortunately, this also applies to fewer discoveries of cancer. That makes me sad….

    1. Sad and with less hope for future generations to come – and as we head towards the light at the end of the tunnel of Covid our tunnel will get longer if we have stage four the light won’t be at the end of the tunnel it will be at the beginning of the afterlife – and what I mean by afterlife is death since no one really knows what happens after we’re dead anyway, it is as I am prone to say, the great equalizer. In some ways Covid was an equal opportunity disease but the vaccine was not, It could be purchased by the wealthy, willing to pay to skip to the front of the line. Not so with cancer, as no one will be able to pay for a vaccine which doesn’t exist and isn’t for the dying, the guinea pigs of the research and development departments of big pharma and teaching hospitals as well as cancer (profit) centers. We hope for the best with the testing of unknown protocols. Some work, some don’t but all are pushed out maybe years now due to the year plus we’ve been stuck in our homes socially distanced from our friends and families. Hugs will never be take for granted again, at least for those of us who thrive on human touch. I’m a big hugger and I like to smile at others to give a sense of humanity to interactions of all kinds. I miss what love can be put into the world through a facial expression, a handshake, a hug, and a kiss – in the socially acceptable pecking order. Much love and a virtual hug to you.

      1. I agree with you. I wish there was a channel I could broadcast your comment for the politicans or media to see….. I send a virtual hug back to you.❤

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