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Marie’s Weekly Roundup – a well curated collection of posts from breast cancer and cancer blogs from around the blogosphere

I love reading the blog posts that Marie publishes in her weekly roundup. It is not just a great curation of the breast cancer blog posts of the week but it’s chance for us to connect.

We connect to one another by reading, commenting, reblogging, and really thinking about the thoughts and emotions that others express.

We take the time to write, because sharing what’s on our hearts could help someone else to see they’re not alone. Some also give great advice or share resources to help us with our illnesses, or even make us think a little about a poem or be entertained by some of our more humorous writers.

Each day I think about all the people who reach out to me and to whom I reach out. My heart is in those thoughts, although not everything requires defining or questioning. Many people tend to over-assess and look for reasons for things that perhaps need no answer.

Perhaps just opening up to the power of knowing we aren’t alone, but connected by the power of our thoughts and prayers or brainwaves or consciously created good will for the other.

The electricity generated by a single thought might light up the sky like a bright star. Imagine the constellations of all those positive brainwaves lighting up the darkest nights of our lives – and bring us all a little closer to one another especially at a time when we need it most.

When I see the sun or the moon or the stars they’re the same celestial bodies as you and everyone else sees.

Maybe that’s why I always liked the Disney song When You Wish Upon a Star – it makes no difference where (or who) you are. And it doesn’t – a star doesn’t have preconceived notions of us – it existed billions of years before we even see it’s light, before we see how it’s shining. That same light has been visible to any living thing with eyes or even another way to perceive light by creatures in the water and below the ground.

Our universe is a great reminder that we’re all connected in some way – and tapping into that connection can break through some of the saddest days. Just look at the sky day or night (being careful during the day of course!) and think about everyone you care about and meditate on their happiness, well being, and bring yourself closer to them. And all of a sudden the smallness of problems takes a very distant backseat to the vastness of the sky above.

And we are all created from the stuff that created those stars so very very long ago. We’re all stars. Shining brightly and with hope that my friends who surround me with their love can feel my own love in return. It’s the wish I make upon the stars, and it’s no coincidence that a cricket – Jimney Cricket – is the creature chosen by the creators of Pinocchio. A small creature we can hear at night singing along with his other brothers and sisters to let each other and us know “I’m here!” Makes no difference who you are.

I know I’m not alone in the universe which could also be a dark and lonely empty vastness if that’s what we choose to see. Sometimes we have to look within to see what’s really outside of ourselves.

Weekly Round-Up

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