Dense Breasts


Recondite illnesses of fateful obscurity

A snowball in a snow globe seen yet difficult to see

Unusually dense I failed each test

Winter settled in leaving flurries in my chest.

Scratched and scarred and moored by a port

I laid there waiting in pain and contorted.

“Go home get your affairs together.”

But there’s too much to tend to, my nest still to feather.

A future unknown with three tumors unseen

Cut my life down the center right in between

My eyes through the site of a two barreled gun.

The results signed by a doctor reads, “yes my PET, life’s over and done.”

But I raced away until I could no longer breathe

And decided that my life was too valuable to concede.

But when density was a meaningless number

Nothing to report no information for the owner

Secrets and lies and then one day a surprise

When the ultrasound found what the snow had disguised.

So here I sit nearing six years later

Among my affairs and hoards of paper

I decided that day I wasn’t through living.

And not doctors or nurses but I who needs forgiving.

It’s no ones fault when their born to possess

Two ticking time bombs planted in their chest.

There’s a gene a mutation that no one can find

So my kindred spirits in body and mind

Please look at me, doing well enough I hope

It’s cancer – not God’s punchline to a killing joke.


5 comments on “Dense Breasts”

  1. We are more than the number of days, weeks, years they assign us. Another beautiful and impactful post. ♥️

    1. Indeed we are far more than our time if we make it so and take the life we’ve been gifted with and make the most of it.❤️

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