Weekly Round-Up

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for this week’s round-up of the best of the blog posts which I’ve read over the past week. These are the posts that have moved me, taught me …

Weekly Round-Up

I’m always grateful to my beloved friend Marie for taking time from her superhuman schedule to support the breast cancer community’s blogs. She brings us together- with her expert web SEO experience and blog writing expertise – into a one stop weekly pop up shop of posts. And she reads and compiles the best of what she’s found for easy access to those who need our words most. Admittedly recognition for the work we put in week in and week out feels pretty nice, too.

Sometimes we write more or less than weekly depending on our health and other factors, but always with the hope that we are helping someone e;she find their way through the dense fog that is a breast cancer diagnosis.

No one need go through it alone. In our blogs there’s always an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on for support. Patient advocacy is part of a broad spectrum of activities, writing being one of the most important. For writing these blogs and guest writing for nonprofits and on each other’s sites are helpful to everyone from caregivers, to patients, to healthcare practitioners, to family and friends. It is here in these words that our legacy will live on well beyond how long our lives mat be in the case where the writer has metastatic disease.

As in my case it’s going on six long years since my de novo stage 4 diagnosis. I’ve been writing my blog for about five and a half years and I am very happy to know Marie and all the women and men that are recognized in her weekly round up. I am so grateful to know all of the terrific writers that she coalesces into one beautiful community every week.

I hope you’ll take a read of the other blog posts in the weekly round ups – you may find something you’re looking for or an answer to a question or a resource that you could use. But do take the time to read them — all wonderful and all important for many nuanced reasons. And, Marie’s blog contains useful resources and packed with information you can use.

Much love, to you Marie, the tireless tigress from across the Atlantic.

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