Ironically, In This Vastness Of Land

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This poem ‘Ironically, in this vastness of land’ tells about immigrants who perished on seas in search of better-land, ironically, in this vastness …

Ironically, In This Vastness Of Land

I must hold up this vastness of how we all might find a place one day without a need for anything but ourselves, our inner light, the peace of freedom and the way deeply caring and listening to another human being no matter what they bring with them – just the act of showing up and finding some open door where in you’re not crazy, weird, sinful or wrong. No labels needed to make internal peace. And my favorite Bob Marley song, Redemption Song caught my eye and I readily plowed into the short film on the linked page – but in how our author – a new connection to my blog – shows how an event is linked it art is linked to an idea is linked to humanity at its very best, not it’s ugly head reared to yell or tell us all something is very wrong.

I hope you find a bit of what I found, it will make your heart happy.

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