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My advocacy through writing – on lbbc.org my post on writing as therapy – you don’t have to share or publish but even 10 minutes of reflection a day or even a week can let you get what’s on your heart on the page and leave you feeling less weight. Going back to reflect on your journal can let you read your thoughts from a week, month or year ago and see how patterns may be holding you back, how you’ve progressed for the better, and even give you a sense of accomplishment just by seeing how well your writing can improve. You can use any form of expression – poetry, quotes that inspire you, acts of kindness you’ve witnessed, things that surprise you, art, collage, drawing, music. Writing helps heal our souls. It’s for you and you alone to decide how and what you want to do with it. Even a dream journal is a form of expression and therapy. Try it! I’m here to help you get started if you’re stuck -reach out any time. And if you’ve got breast cancer. Check out living beyond breast cancer -it’s for all ages and all stages.

Ilene Kaminsky was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in March 2015. She turned to writing in her journal and eventually her blog, The Cancer Bus, to help cope with her diagnosis living with breast cancer. She shares how writing has helped her through the years and how you can start a writing practice.
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  1. Hello Ilene, Proud of you, Advocacy, determination, sharing. I don’t have much hair now but I did have it when I needed it. The process of writing, of finding clarity in expression, is more meaningful than anything. Keep trying to express yourself. We are listening. Dan

      1. Don’t give up on your husband and family. They are pulling for you too. We all want the same thing. Remission, recovery, reinvention.

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