What’s on your heart today?

Leave the heavyness
On the floor beside you
And let air pour in the door slightly open and without loss
Tell me what weighs on your heart.

Nature herself laughs and claps
With thunderous air. Leave your cares
Beneath the eaves and breathe
Inside a forest where you litter
The needle bed with despair.

Allow a friend to sit a bit, just a spell,
Without knowing they’re too close - uncomfortable, hidden in your space.
You know that strange feeling better than black ice.
Unexpectedly, a hand lifts to your cheek
Feel the warmth of surprise.

Who’s to say you didn’t get enough done
Or too few fed today. Fruitfulness forgets to smile
Productivity can’t stand your tanned cheeks
Bright with the sun’s slaps and pinches
Punished for every hand not wrung with worry.

In tombs with spelling errors in the epitaphs
Written in alphabets from the class
We skipped that spring when nothing
Not the rain or the tilted statues
In our overgrown gardens mattered.

What’s on my heart? Did you question
Or simply forget to ask you as you implied
I might dance away from this house,
Where in my delight I fed your soul
With the leftovers of the moonlight.

6 comments on “What’s on your heart today?”

    1. I’d love to hear what’s on your heart. Try your hand at a poem: sit with yourself and quiet and just write for 6 minutes. Set a timer and just let your words flow with the question in mind. You don’t have to share it if you don’t feel comfortable but you needn’t have that as the end result you have in mind. Annie, I truly think you’d be surprised at your talents too. Poetry speaks to everyone differently and my feelings have always been that once a poem is written it no longer belongs to the poet because the reader brings their experiences to the words and sees and feels something more than the writer imagined. It’s what I love most about the process,. Thank you for such a beautiful compliment, and kristie is so very talented,nuthatch I’m truly humbled by her in kind response. I hope you’ll use thus as a prompt, too.

        1. Annie I read your poetry over the weekend sitting in front of the fire, not much caring what needed doing. Thank you for your beautiful words. ❤️

  1. Kristie I feel this in my heart: I am so blessed to have the support of your friendship from far away this brings us so much closer to one another and my gratitude cannot be measured by the big smile on my face. This poem in response is so well done- our hearts do fight our minds…now, in our memories, in the moments we forget about cancer, about chemo, about fatigue and poetry can be the very best medicine…
    ❤️Thank you
    Much love and mornings without cancer

  2. What’s on my heart today? A poem dedicated to you . . .

    My heart feels lighter
    in the morning when I wake.
    I don’t have cancer.

    Then I remember.
    I still have light moments.
    Some are effortless.

    My heart fights my mind.
    Feelings flow like a river
    from source to delta.

    My heart feels so much
    over the course of one day.
    My heartbeat goes on.

    My heart sings today
    and sings of sunshine and peace.
    My rhythm of life.

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