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That link will take you to the Poetry Episode of The Cancer Diaries.

I want to thank Rudy Fischman who, with inoperable brain cancer, uses his talents as a video producer, interviewer and rising star in editing and special effects to give us a guided tour into his life. He spotlights, with humor and his brand of edgy yet polished video blogs, the reality of living with uncertainty as well as the physical and emotional effects of his disease on his entire world including his wife and daughters.

He invites guests along the way and in this episode he invited myself, and two other poets, on of whom died before he could see the final result. Rudy did Ben North justice reading a poem called, “My Father’s Son,” and who’s chap book of 33 poems called 33 Poems is available on Amazon. Oddly the day the video was released my copy arrived, after nearly 3 weeks waiting, on my doorstep.

I admit I look like I just had several radiation treatments, because I did, but he captured my heart on the video and I cannot thank him enough.

Rudeman, you rock.

You can find Rudy on Facebook, Twitter @fschmnn and YouTube under Brain Cancer Diaries, and I highly recommend you subscribe and share amongst the cancer community and outside. In particular, this episode highlights the intersection of writing and cancer and the therapeutic effect that putting our stories out there in whatever format we feel good about brings others into our lives and transforms everyone. That is everyone who reads, listens, watches and learns from us and with us.

4 comments on “Brain Cancer Diaries the Poetry Episode”

  1. Oh my goodness thank you, and yes I was fairly precocious. Ben’s book is great I got a copy from Amazon, and it’s a keeper. May he be in peace wherever he is and I hope he knows we heard him.

  2. I thought you looked lovely—and not a whiff of chemo brain. Precocious little person, weren’t you!

    The trio was both uplifting and ineffably sad. Rudy certainly does do excellent work in showcasing your talents and underscoring your individuality and personality.

    The final image of Ben’s shoveling is indelible.

    Thank you for posting.

    1. I look much healthier now. It’s going to make my friends who haven’t seen me in a while kinda nervous but it’s the content that counts! Thank you for watching and rudy does excellent work.

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