Month: September 2020

STOP The Sexualization of Breast Cancer – By Abigail Johnson Blogger of No half Measures

Before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I put together a team each year to raise funds and walk in fundraisers for breast cancer. Our team was … STOP The Sexualization of Breast Cancer

Knock knock: depression calling!

Bing bong bing bong bong bong bing bong (Big Ben chimes doorbell) Me: who is it? Depression: oh an old friend! Me: [excited because I’ve been isolated for seven months, opens door expectantly] Oh, no. It’s you. How did you get our new address? Depression: I can find you anywhere at any time in anyplace

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Patient Empowerment Revisited: What Does It Truly Mean To Patients? – Patient Empowerment Network

Marie Ennis-O’Connor revisits the theme of patient empowerment to investigate what, if anything, has changed since her 2018 post.  — Read on