It’s Another Thing Now

I am willing to stand in gentle rain at sunset
But not to stand in a storm of sorrow and regret.

It was one thing to own all the mornings yet to come,

Before I knew the darkness would yield to the sun.

It is another thing now.

I am willing to see the sparkle in my loves blue eyes

But not to shield those dark with fear of life’s demise.

With honest hearts I will share the depths of my pain,

But with doubting minds I’ve no time left to explain.

It is another thing now.

My time is limited and the day’s run late,

And I’m too busy finding moments of joy to follow hardened dates.

There’s no time to waste on those who demand plans written in pen —
It was one thing when I had a calendar without end.

It is another thing now.


10 thoughts on “It’s Another Thing Now

    1. Thank you for engaging with the poem, it was one that came to me very easily because while the gift from the ether that entered my mind was not a hard birth the product can be sad as we go through so many life changes especially in our need go have our feelings validated post diagnosis. Much love.

    1. Thank you Abigail, we all feel these painful realities and share the hard stuff because it all is another thing now, post diagnosis isn’t it…

    1. I’m sad but happy that we can share these emotions – life changes for us in some subtle easy that people who don’t have terminal or chronic diseases do. It’s really hard sometimes to explain ourselves. Much love to you and thank you for your response, it’s meaningful to me to know I’m not alone in my feelings

      1. ThankYOU so much IIene. I agree that others who have not been in this position do not understand. Sometimes I think I speak a different language to everyone else! It is indeed good to know that we understand it together. Much love to you.

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