Weekly Round-Up

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T for this week’s round-up of the best of the blog posts which I’ve read over the past week. These are the posts that have moved me, taught me …

Weekly Round-Up

It’s good for your health: read mote blogs! Some of the posts notable in their personal tone comment on issues surrounding and some are specific to having breast cancer. All the posts have come to represent some of the women whose support I’ve come to rely on for my sanity.

And Marie, a saint of a woman, who’s tireless efforts to roll up the blogs every Sunday help to keep our lives in touch and she does something amazing. Using twitter and blogs she’s brought us into a fold of casual support. There’s a group of writers, some of us die, new writers are diagnosed and use the blog as a therapeutic platform like many of us do, reluctantly enter the clubhouse when they’re handed a cancer card. No one wants it but carry we must and using it appropriately provides limited but important help. The weekly roundup keeps me writing sometimes on weeks when I am tired of writing but meet my goal of one post a week trying to make the 12 am deadline on the west coast so Marie has a chance to read and include my blog that week. This week on Sunday morning at 4:30 am I finally posted warts and all to the CancerBus. It’s been a rough month. Let’s leave it at that for now.

Marie’s blog also notably reflects her day job, too. I encourage you to scan through her many useful posts on how to use social media to your advantage for marketing your blog should you have one.

Many readers have become friends and acquaintances. And all of you know a little bit about a very deep part of the last chapters of my life. Many of the blog posts associated with the weekly roundup tell of similar issues and all of the writers speak their truths. I would hate to lose you but read what’s most nourishing for your soul. Reading our blogs makes using our words feel like we are doing something more than hollering into a wishing well and coming up with a deaf leprechaun- or simply putting our guts in the pail for all to see without response.

Please stay safe. Demonstrate if you’re able and want to. Make your voice part of the song of free speech, the basis for the US constitution. Stand up for one another. I’m so proud to give voice to many who cannot describe their experiences with #breastcancer and #metastaticBC. There’s no greater of a complement you give than that. My heart hurts for so many at this insanity we’ve come to find in our place in history. I’d be lying if I didn’t say something awful that I think about sometimes. It’s a secret so don’t tell anyone but I think at certain moments when I have just read about police brutality murdering person for no good reason but power – if I had to choose a time to die, perhaps this is the worst point I’ve ever experienced in history. Yet shall we all be spared more disparities and more despair. If I could help any one in any way and it’s viable I will. And I know there’s many of us in the cancer community would do anything we could never see another person feel the pain that we all feel. It’s our imperative. It’s our life and we don’t want anyone else to have to live this kind of life either. The pain and the suffering shouldn’t have to go on and on and on forever.

And I know that I love all of you.

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