Electronic Resources, Overview

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Courtesy of http://www.nohalfmesaures.com and my virtual friend and part of our small blogging community. Its a group of people who like me, write for our own therapeutic value and hope that by sharing with readers who are going through cancer and other terminal or chronic diseases feel less isolated by give voice to the complex emotions you may be feeling

The other effective assistance we can give are online resources and channels of getting help of all kinds from financial to psychosocial. Click on the link below and find a wealth of great places to locate such assistance all tied neatly tied into document shared for free. A great amount of went into the well vetted compilation and there’s good descriptions of each of the organization so you don’t have to hunt for what you need, The generosity of our community always astounds me – and I’m so happy to be bangle to pass this along via Abigai.

From Abigail of No Half Measures:

”. I’ve often said that those of us in the breast cancer community are in the best position to know what would be helpful to the community.”

Electronic Resources, Overview

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