Calling Cancer a Gift Or an Opportunity for Enlightenment Is Insulting! | Nancy’s Point

Calling Cancer a Gift Or an Opportunity for Enlightenment Is Insulting! | Nancy’s Point
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If you haven’t read Nancy’s book, please read her posts on Nancy’ her blog give her your thoughts in the matter of has cancer made you a better person (sigh. Absolutely not in my case anyway.) Then go on and get a copy. If you happen to be really tight on cash due to this lockdown situation then let me know. I’ll buy you a copy. Its one of three cancer experience personal stories that I nightly recommend – the other two are The Cancer Olympics by Robin McGee about her odyssey with colorectal cancer and The Cancer Whisperer by Sophie Sabbage. All three of these women have a different side of the elephant to describe to you.

But all of them, as everyone cancer has visited uninvited, also get the ass end of the elephant to describe in their styles with their truth. I’m not leaving anyone purposely out. Memoirs of a Debulked Woman by Susan Gubar about ovarian cancer is another personal fave. I’ve read so many cancer books – personal and medical – I’ve got cancer on the brain for every meal of the day. Not cancer of the brain. That scares the living shit out of me to be honest – I’ve relied on it my entire life and without it I’d not be me…but that is simply not true as we all know with the advent of the cyberknife we have come into our disease at an advanced technological time – but metastatic breast cancer is still ignored by illusive

And the nausea that’s percolating in my stomach from the thoughts I’ve had regarding the stupid things people say like, ” Well, we’re all gonna die sometime,” and…so we will. But if you know this – we are born terminal – then that’s just plain stupid. And so is the idea that we are better people. We aren’t. But we must delve deep inside and find the better parts of ourselves like tenacity, to get through the horrible treatments and the isolation and all the drudgery that is life with cancer. It’s shit.

Sharing responses to the prompt, What do you see; Jen- “Whispers” ©J.E.Goldie – What do you see # 30 – 18 May 2020, Christine Bialczak- What do you …

I wait for her to enter sleep, the door left open to my world. I hear her cries and let wind blow her tears from her dreams into a sudden sun shower. Hope beckons her near me. I’m no longer in her room, her mentor. The light burned too brightly and my time came to follow it up the tunnel to the great unknown. She’s not ready for so much tragedy. Fires swept her away yet she grew back stronger with each spark that exchanged green for black.

This night she came to me as I stood by the white horse fence. I emerged from a barn to see her standing bewildered on the far side of a pond that appeared from nowhere but these things magically transpire like my face, beautiful and young on thus side of the light.

Standing next to her just by thinking it so, she felt my touch and let out the music of pure joy and of the deepest pain at once. Taking her hand I tell her it’s her time to fly and mine had passed away. Then we walked in Dreamtime for hours but minutes later it was done.

I kissed her cheek and told her a secret she won’t recall in words. But she feels it – I can know only that much. It’s all I’m allowed. Of course I left her a piece of silk – the colors of sunsets and sunrises at once. The scarf she lost as a young girl. 16 with nowhere to go but to a home lined with men but not love. She found a way to paint the sky with her heart song, to which I taught her the worlds so long ago.

The scarf blew into her bedroom window, now hanging in the room where she learned to heal those who could not recover but only find comfort in the laying of hands. In laying my hand in hers that night, she was able to wake up and lose her pain so she could continue what began the day she learned the words to the song of her heart.

I whispered,”sing.” And like a phoenix she let me go to be reborn- she fell from the dream like a baby bird from a nest and with the sky colored scarf in her talons she painted the sunrise all on her own. (For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a young girl standing…

Sharing responses to the prompt, What do you see; Jen- “Whispers” ©J.E.Goldie – What do you see # 30 – 18 May 2020, Christine Bialczak- What do you …