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This fabulous post by Abigail, who like me has stage four metastatic breast cancer sums up what we get, need, and want from people in our lives. She uses expectations and use boundaries as my shorthand. For me expectations leave me open for disappointment while boarders close off the space in which I must be strong and not let people, no matter how much I love them, cross. But ultimately we are philosophically aligned in this area – and we share the same cancerversary March 25th. Give us a little of your strength on that day. It’s a bittersweet yearly event. Celebrating seems almost illogical but so does being down and angry. So I cannot stress enough how much I need – and I cannot speak for Abigail here – on that day to have huge amounts of love sent in my direction. It’s like celebrating when this whole COVID19 global disaster is over. I think it should be quiet and filled with love and hope. Just like our cancerversaries.

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I’ve written before about Holding Space for others, i.e., sitting with someone in crisis rather than trying to fix it or give advice, and the Ring …

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