Please allow me to share a current meditation with you.

In quiet moments, I sit relaxed listening to the fireplace: the sizzle of the wood and the clicking of the cast iron as it expands with the rising temperature, the energy coaxing a well timed 1:4 beat in the background for my chant. Sometimes I may whisper the words to myself and other times spoken only to myself in my mind.

Sometimes I’m still or others I rock or sway gently side to side or front to back. All the while it’s important to push my thoughts out from my mind – I use an imaginary hand to shoo them away like flies on a picnic blanket. No violence, just a helpful movement of the pests so concentration on the words of the meditation can rise like the sun enlightening my mind…

All things in time, all for the reasons on which my life tumbles and turns to the songs of the spheres. Remind me as I am a human being, the universe tells me when I need to know: all is well. All is well.

8 thoughts on “Meditation

    1. My pleasure to follow your writing as it’s fair play in our blogosphere to be a part of it all as those who choose expression deserve to be read. Thank you, too. ❤️

    1. I think that’s where I got it from – in fact I think I recall it being so good a line I just took it into my meditation immediately. It sums it all up. Then I got a random writing prompt pack in the mail a few weeks ago and that is what it said on the first card. Then in fact I think I remember reading it on Karin Sieger’s blog, too. This had to be the origin, thank you for reminding me I’m going to credit the true source!

    1. And all is well, especially just laughing so hard with you on our little text rant. It proves we aren’t alone – ever. We have a world to reach out to and when we invite it in for smiles, for venting, or just to share our love -our hearts grow and the isolation dissipates.

      Then all is truly well…there’s no loneliness the moment we open our hearts and our souls to each other.

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