A little punning around with stage 4 cancer: my apologies

My Neuropathy – Sing to the tune of All Apologies by Nirvana

What else cant i eat? No meal is complete
Vegetable shakes no steak? Sugar is my bane
How tired am I today? I think in bed I’ll stay.
I cant feel my feet? My neuropathy

Can’t take sun, Its not fun
In the scan, In the scan

I am now stage 4, there’s a chemo course
I wish I was stage 3, that’s when I was free
I cant feel my hands, I cant even stand
Can’t think of what to say, chemo brain today

In the sun, I will burn a bright red I will turn

YouTube Video of the real song performed by Nirvana

With credit to Nirvana, lyrics via https://www.lyricsondemand.com/n/nirvanalyrics/allapologieslyrics.html

Photo courtesy of: Breast cancer cells dividing. Image: National Cancer Institute


How can I help?

I love Abigail’s perspectives on many things, and I’ve written on this topic a few times on helping people with cancer, especially metastatic, and how empty promises of help not only hurt, but make us feel alone.  I have found that sometimes just being there so I don’t have to feel so isolated – an ear – is the best gift I can get.  But I have no one with whom I can speak in person about my metastatic breast cancer.  In lieu of in person talks, I think Abigail hits the nail on the head by expressing what she would like to receive and why it would help her.  Here’s her blog post on this topic and well worth a read for those who have it, those who support someone directly with it, and those who are friends either face to face or virtually on the question you may ask:   How can I help?


Raven’s Retreat’s First Podcast

This is one perspective of what it’s like to build a dream to help people with cancer and to fear it being washed away by floodwaters only to have your community come and help literally bail you out. The rebuilding and then progressively awful threats of more flooding and the empty promises of the government to reinforce Victorian age infrastructure.  Raven’s voice is one you’ll want to hear anyway. She has a way of describing her journey that will bring your heart to the brink of flooding with tears.

via Our very first podcast