Nancy’s Point: Metastatic Breast Cancer, Chronic or Terminal

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Nancy’s voice on chronic versus terminal taxonomy brings up several important points and quite a lot of discussion including on twitter. I highly recommend reading this post and not only because Nancy featured opinions on this subject from myself and several other voices in the metastatic breast cancer community.

Possibly there’s confusion amongst those who do not have breast cancer and certainly those with cancer who don’t have stage 4. We all will surly die. But when the prognosis is certain death with a diagnosis of any metastatic cancer you measure your life in teaspoons not gallons. Days not years. Lunches and not vacations. But I’m not shy nor do I keep my diagnosis to myself.

Some see stage 4 cancer as a private matter and do not want to be branded with the purple M. We aren’t treated or approached the same way others who will recover are treated. People tend to shy away seeing death on our shoulder and no one wants to have a constant reminder of their own mortality as I’ve argued in other posts. As in this post about cancer and friendship. There’s an awful lot to be said on this topic.

But I do hope someday that MBC will get the research power to become a chronic manageable illness. That all cancer becomes chronic. But for now hear our voices and join the conversation.