Breast Cancer Now’s Interview with Karin Sieger

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Truthfully, I love Karin’s blog, her no nonsense philosophy, her podcasts – yes, that’s plural. She produces not one – but two podcasts, not just on coping with cancer but life in general on Soul Cravings. Both can be found in her eponymous blog. If you’ve not read or heard Karin, she gives advice through example using her experiences to show, rather than tell you how she’s coped, what she’s experienced having had two cancer diagnoses herself, and what lessons she’s learnt both in her own life as well as through the personal stories of others.

I’m lucky to have found Karin and gotten to “know” her through her voice and her support of my blog and my post diagnosis emotional well being. I adore her tenacity and the fact that she does all of this on a boat afloat the river Themes. Whether you personally are effected by cancer in any way or even if you’re not (unlikely given the number of people diagnosed and the extension of our diagnoses to friends and family, you’ll find something to pertain to you and those you love.

Once you tune in, I think you’ll understand why I’m a fan and a friend. This podcast, albeit one not of her production but very much of her making, in particular is close to my heart because of her candor and her no holds back style although the spotlight has turned to meet her – so take a listen. Thank you Karin, once again for the effort you put into what’s clearly a labor of love. And I love her for her generous soul. We should all crave to have a soul like her to guide us gently out of the dark corners cancer can lead us into.

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