After life’s passing glory
The campaign marches on
Beating time tracking and tracing
Torsos with cold leather fingers
They drew my blood and sent me
To the mass grave I fell in without
Balance. And I lost my head.


Life’s great deceit
The human equalizer
Is death, certainly.
No announcement from our pilot
No time of arrival
No maps of the place we land,
And what happens
All mysteries, all.

He teases us with a whip sometimes
tickles our insides with a feather.
Cancer’s uncertain effects
Of diagnosis of life or death
Or would it be a stretch
Of the imagination
A Jewish woman may conjure up an image
like this:
I’m in a concentration camp
Looking down a barrel of a CT scanner
Like waiting in line for a shower
But the lot of us wind up
Tossed into a gas chamber.

A body transformed at the whims of science
For the good of us and the bad of the rest
And for those who cannot sleep.
My head droops on my neck escaping the air
Closer to the ground where the poison
Waits snaking up my body. A fat brown boa,
twisting and constricting
Suffocating my peace with a promise:
Please squeeze hard.
For thick with the dead
After life’s passing glory
The campaign marches on.
Beating time tracking and tracing out
Torsos with cold leather fingers
They drew my blood then sent me
To the mass grave. I fell in
Losing my balance.
On the bodies of giant
Piles of shoulders
I become faceless in a crowd
Of numbers up before mine.

5 comments on “Uncertainty”

    1. I doubt I could say much any better than you have. You’re an expert poet with a keen ear and the ability to write in a way I only wish I could. Plus you wrote a villanelle. 😂😘

      1. Oh bless you llene. Lol about the villanelle! I love trying to write them. What you have said about cancer though is so raw and true and seriously I could never have described it,like that. It captures the anguish of it all so well.

        1. I’ve attempted the dread villanelle. Not a success yet. But to freely verse about cancer seems fitting, don’t you think. The form should be left for more beautiful things. I’d been thinking about this metaphor for a long time. I wasn’t sure if it could be pulled off. But you don’t know until you start to write.

          1. You really are so right. Yes, free verse was exactly right for it. It is most effective and you did pull it off. It describes mymown feelings so well. As for the villanellemlol. Cwell, I used to go to a Writing Group, and it was mentioned there. One person said how hard they were to write, amd that he had only ever written one. I automatically assumed that I could not write ine, for he was a great poet. Then, years later, I became determined to have a go. I did it lol. And I actually enjoyed doing it. So I did more. But getting enough rhymes is very hard. I agree they are hard to write, but I like a chalkenge! Ha ha

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