Caregivers Manual

A gift from a fellow blogger Dan Zeorlin. If all caregivers held compassion and love along with humor life for cancer patients and those recovering would be a whole lot better.

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  1. Hello again Ilene,

    I don’t know you but is there anything I can do to help? On a local basis we have encouraged friends and family members to embrace their cancer journeys with good attitudes (what else can you do except stay positive?). Seems like our companions and we are about 50/50 (half have/had cancers). I keep wondering how I can do more.


  2. Hello Ilene,

    I used initiative and took the “creative” approach to advocacy (it is easier for most to be critical than it is for them to be creative). My recent endeavor was to solicit interest in forming a support mechanism for caregivers.

    “Are you interested in formation of an organization based in Kansas City to support the spirit of Caregiving by Men? The purpose for this seeking of collaboration between caregivers is to:
    • appreciate the systems of care evidenced by caregiving men
    • share lessons learned and develop support for the sake of all persons in caregiving relationships
    • add courage to the range of emotions felt by caregivers
    Think about it and kindly share your ideas. The coalition isn’t fully set up. Meanwhile you can reach Dan for feedback at”

    Not a single complaint. Ha! My blunder was to think my lessons learned” could speak to a large audience of people in caregiving relationships before those same people were to become active participants.

    Thank you for your persistence. Hang in there!


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