Breast ultrasound and cancer detection increased under new laws | YaleNews


State laws that require healthcare providers to notify women about if they have dense breasts and recommend supplemental screenings may boost cancer detection.
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  1. I have mixed feelings about this. 1) Are the supplemental screenings covered automatically by insurance the way mammograms are? 2) My cynicism begs the question: who is benefiting? Someone’s making money off these “recommended “ tests and very telling about the reliability of mammograms themselves.

    I feel it is prudent that society pose these questions to the medical industry because the more I read, the worse the taste in my mouth becomes.

    1. I caveat this by saying first, after years of misdiagnosis and inconclusive mammograms, I presented at the hospital de novo stage 4 metastatic hormone positive lobular invasive cancer with bone inclusion – now my finances are non existent as well as my career, my friendships and my family, I’d have spent the extra money had I known there were other tests available to find out something more conclusive to give me my life back now. I’d have been able to take the role of cancer survivor and had early detection on my side.

      The age that is recommended now is 50 not 40 for regular mammograms- so of course if you’re in that age category which is the age category that most cancers from dense breasts are caught – metastatic usually- then those mammograms that may catch some dense women won’t be covered either.

      So with those of us fighting for education, legislation and insurance changes to meet this awful state of affairs, we can at least save a few lives by directing information towards the public attention and drive for the goal of getting our tests covered.

      I indeed feel your frustration and share in your honest opinion of such a crap situation.

      With strength,

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