A Promised Christmas from a Talented Writer (and city planner)

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Please check this out – I found Brian a few Christmas times ago via his insane city within his house. You’ll not regret following his blogs or buying Brian’s books. His humor brings a crooked smile to even the sweetest of faces.

Plus he’s an awesome friend with a wickedly smart writing style.

sigh thank you again and tequila body shots to all my friends! Huzzah! Even if you got no boobages like me!

1 comments on “A Promised Christmas from a Talented Writer (and city planner)”

  1. Thank you kindly for the shout-out and the gentle plug for my sad little books that dwell in the basement of Amazon.

    As for the tequila body shots, make mine a double. Okay, a triple. I’m a firm believer in shared libations.


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