Free iBook Fighting Cancer by Annette and Richard Bloch

Free, yes, truly free eBook by one of the founders of H&R Bloch and his wife. After a dire metastatic cancer diagnosis, Richard Bloch refused to take the death sentence diagnosis provided by his doctors. Instead, he determined his fate through attitude and, although some of us do not apply war metaphors to our diseases, fighting back with his mind body connection, he’s survived as of the writing of this book,19 years. Stated specially, the introduction insures the reader understands that the writers wanted to share their experiences to the benefit of others with a dire diagnosis and that this in and of itself is the goal in publishing the book at their time expense. They’ve gotten and expect no financial or notoriety gain.

It’s short and very readable, and although I’m only into chapter two and I have no real feedback as of yet, you’ve got nothing to lose by reading this and something to gain, which is little in the life of a metser, and that’s hope.

As my abdomen fills itself with Ascites fluid this week, I realize Ibrance, my current chemotherapy, probably stopped stabbing Canferateau with a stake through the heart. It’s time to find some other form of therapy. While my heart dips into the shallow end of the pity pool, it’s not lost on me how the universe plops serendipitously some hope in a book to help me reestablish my strong belief in self healing through the mind body connection.

Thanks Mr. Bloch. Your survivor’s wisdom investment realizes huge market gains with one of those people who put a time, a very dear resource, into reading your book. At first glance I don’t think it’s wasted.


Female. East coast transplant living in the Bay Area of California. Living with Stage IV breast cancer. Married to the coolest guy in the universe who occasionally suffers from serious depression. Love my stepsons, although I never thought I'd have that thankless job - ever! And my best friend Simon is also my cat. How I have survived with stage IV: treatments including chemo and surgery; palliative oncology; tenacity; a dark sense of humor; support groups; and my newly reinvented career as a vintage and antiques maven. Some days I miss the old me who led a well respected and well paid life as a business strategist in high tech. So much for that. I blog to simply share my experiences and my poetic approach with others who have cancer of any kind or with their care givers and those who love them. If one person at the very least finds a little commonality or a friend out in the ether tor a smile, a common nod about this experience, or even a link to assistance, then I have accomplished a small but extraordinarily meaningful goal. Go team.

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