Call in Well


Once in a while, take a “well” day from work
Steal time to get sick from lack of fun.
Oh, that’s a well day. Ditching work,
Like skipping school, or cheating God on
Saturday or Sunday, when even
Omnipotence takes a break from our sin.
Just go splice in a memory or two,
Let the fence rattle outside the office borders.

Unexpectedly, a cheap a suit of guilt
Pours over me like butter on popcorn.
The late afternoon hour nears when
I run the Hamster wheel, now idle and empty,
Settled. I curl like a tumbleweed —
A discarded lunch bag blows
In a parking lot outside the rows
Of cubes, terminals, staple guns, coin ops.
Forget it. Find a friend, a park, a book, a bridge.
Allow the sinuous arms of the white light to
Hug you and the sun warmly kiss you.
Cheat the race, just once. Permit the
Yellow dwarf fingers to tickle your cheeks.
Go sow seeds for a summer field of freckles.

Between peak traffic hours, daydreams
Inside clouds of exhaust, debris,
Clogging arteries and boulevards.
Streets and yellow jacket roads railing
Those cars jacked up on broken down backs
Sitting on the side of the road much taken.
Sneak off at the next exit one day,
Then pull over and lie.
Tell a fib if you must,
Better the truth if you can.
But don’t get fired.
Take it from me and keep your choice.
I’m a force of retirement
And I don’t call you anymore
From here…but I do envy you.

2 comments on “Call in Well”

    1. A beautiful day and a great mood sometimes should be continued rather than sucked into the air conditioning ducts and blown out to be recirculated into the soul numbing atmosphere of most corporate environments. I remember a day at universal studios in Orlando with my friend, another VP at another telecom company after I finished up a talk I gave to a fairly large crowd of people. I remember the rollercoasters more than the rolling applause.

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