Portal to Breast Cancer Resources Including Financial Assistance


This awesome web portal got on my radar in a private “closed” Facebook group for caregivers of and people with metastatic breast cancer. You’ll find everything from links to groups with emotional support resources to the tangible sorts like copay assistance. It’s a bit design challenged, but don’t let the “crayon” drawings fool you – this is a real life, dyed in the wool portal for almost anything you might need for breast cancer and real help is available. I found sites and resources I’d never heard of, after scouring the web for over three years.

No I’m not a fan of Facebook as many of you know but I am a huge fan of peer online groups and sharing of intelligence. They’re open 24/7 and global in reach – not closed when you’ve got insomnia and want to feel like doing something to help yourself through the muck and mire of your breast cancer diagnosis.

At Advocate 4 Breast Cancer, we advocate to improve the quality of life for all breast cancer patients. And see an end to breast cancer. Raise funds for research, education, patient’s rights, and ending breast cancer.
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