Thanks, Cancer

Podcast by two friends discussing their cancer experience the way they wished someone had when they were going through it.

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Once upon a time, one day about a month ago, I was rat-holing around the internet looking for some fresh media to lift me up with others of my kind, or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

I stumbled across this incredibly honest, irreverent, and relevant breast cancer podcast Thanks, Cancer, by Mimi Hall and Leanna House, which can be found at the link below. The charmingly ironic theme song fills one with wonderment on just who these two think they are? What, are they pretending to star in their own sitcom with a fucking theme song? But alas, the irony of the theme song and the sarcasm inherent in the very title itself should provide you with a clue as to why you, with cancer or caregiver of person who has or had cancer, may find refreshing camaraderie, not only between these sassy ass friends, but with them as well.

Thanks Mimi.
Thanks Leanna.
Fuck Cancer.

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Thanks Cancer Podcast and Blogs👈🏻

The image was taken directly from their blog site and complete credit goes to Mimi and Leanna.

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