Buddy, can you spare word or two?


Expressing the greedy silence
A picture’s worth of words
Swallowed whole by memory’s avarice.

Wishing wells charge five cents for
Lies it disguises as your dreams and
Sells for a penny a dozen accidents.

Ascending into the ravenous night,
Darkness craves sleepers who whisper
Hungry with the first sun’s frowning light.

Handmade gifts thoughtfully cost a
Harem’s ego, yet steal away all hopes
From the receiver quietly plagiarizing quotes.

Gracefully I lept over four word puddles,
a tutu laden pink dancer without her
penguin waiving a stick in front of
a zero sum game for an eighty piece band.
Lexicographers cry and streak the pavement
raining possessive determiners and rescue
those nouns and that verb
from washing through grinning
toothy flat expressionless mouths
to the sewer pipes below.
Perhaps I’m late to save portmanteaus
from my brain’s dense smog.
Forgetting prepositions and
their phrases, just walking
where to wherever
I lost a scent of direction
as well the maps that know
on which path my steps to take.
So you listen all patience
and smirks knowing the definition of milk
and salt. You recall
this small three letter word
changing from gas to liquid fo
the subject of my sentence: frozen
water hanging in a dark cave
like stalagmites or stalactites.
So important hanging or protruding
the way they do because their
directions are very dangerous to
the blind observer.
So don’t lose your directive or
your desire for objects either,
By God, make sure not to lose
any pronouns, or they (you know them)
and even we and us, but certainly
not him or her,might spend
all day waiting
just for you.

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    1. Thank you, I like it too as well as the incense metaphor. I appreciate the positive reinforcement!

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