My Shoes

Try walking in these shoes just for one day. Your voice sharpened by authority – a self important tyrant of numbers counting lives in dollars. My money or my life? Extorting me for capsules of poison without which I die. I found a pot of gold burried deep out in our backyard. Yet treasure comes… Read More My Shoes


Sharing my experiences with metastatic breast cancer …

This passage by Emily Dickinson sums up beautifully why I strive to honestly share my cancer experience and caregiving of one husband with depression, as well as others who I love and come into my life to give and receive support. I hope you find something in her words that pertains to your life. Giving… Read More Sharing my experiences with metastatic breast cancer …

The Gift of Receiving Care

With a metastatic cancer diagnosis it’s imperative that I humbly and graciously accept aid, comfort, support and do so with an open heart and mind. My well-being depends on it. In the past I found it far more difficult to take than give, but my recent caregiving experiences have given me insight into the importance of receiving care to the giver not only the receiver.… Read More The Gift of Receiving Care