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The Gracie Foundation – a gift from heaven from a woman who left a legacy of love and a little treat of relief to those of us finding our own way through metastatic breast cancer. Nominations for the care package at


Everyone needs a little pampering, a surprise gift of love, and no one moreso than a person with metastatic breast Cancer. The Gracie Foundation provides all that and a deep feeling of warm love in a priority mail box to its recipients. I received mine on Monday and not a moment too soon, either. You can nominate yourself or be  nominated by someone else to receive the amazingly beautiful and incredibly useful, high quality priducts to make breast cancer treatments just a little easier to bear. In my box: a large bottle, with pump, of body lotion; a scented soy candle; a cooling eye mask; a bath scrunchie; a gray knit cap; pink warm socks; an awesome mug for a big cup of tea; delicious scented soap; a pen and todo pad for chemo brain days; face cleansing wipes; and a book explaining the origins of the idea and the woman who founded this wellspring of love to carry on her legacy through giving even beyond her physical lifetime.

Gracie’s husband, who she married just a week before her fight with cancer ended, carries on her legacy and so he and volunteers ship off a little of Gracie’s beauty to others who need a bit of that special thing that made her a much loved woman of substantial giving.

Thank you, Gracie. Your spirit and soul fill my heart with beauty and joy, and I think that’s just what you had in mind. ♥️

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  1. I received the Gracie foundation gift yesterday. I’ve been having problems with my eyes tearing ever since. I’m a stage 4 triple negative breast cancer warrior. With all of the clinical trials I’m sure a cure will occur before we know it.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

    1. Oh marion – know that we the metastatic breast cancer community- although we have no ideas — any of us — what will be we can find a person to connect us to something, to some resources, to listen, and to empathize completely without having to say much at all. I hold my hand out with my Gracie mug and let’s have a virtual cup of tea. I’m so glad it gave you as much joy as I received from it.

      Much love

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