Ray Today

Inside a coach
Filled with diamonds
Rings and starlight
Gentlemen born of
Sparkle and cut
Open to remove those
Blasted ugly things
Radiating with half
Life and spring
Practices. Moments
Yearbooks cheerleaders.
Say Ray,
We love you.
None knowing twisted
Grief made a new friend
This week when Ray
Hugs my tiredness
He says I’m so happy
To see you.
And for the first day
In I don’t remember
How long I believe
Somebody who says
They really wanted
To see me.
Expansive arms held me
Up, I guessed like one of
Ray’s boys but better.
Three month check.
Six month check Monday.
Say Ray
My god, no one said.
No, how are you?
He asks again, again.
180 days since
180 degrees spun
A son into gold
Holding me up
Groceries in hands
Sparkling, always
Because I want to say
Stay please, I can only
Tell you the truth.



Female. East coast transplant living in the Bay Area of California. Living with Stage IV breast cancer. Married to the coolest guy in the universe who occasionally suffers from serious depression. Love my stepsons, although I never thought I'd have that thankless job - ever! And my best friend Simon is also my cat. How I have survived with stage IV: treatments including chemo and surgery; palliative oncology; tenacity; a dark sense of humor; support groups; and my newly reinvented career as a vintage and antiques maven. Some days I miss the old me who led a well respected and well paid life as a business strategist in high tech. So much for that. I blog to simply share my experiences and my poetic approach with others who have cancer of any kind or with their care givers and those who love them. If one person at the very least finds a little commonality or a friend out in the ether tor a smile, a common nod about this experience, or even a link to assistance, then I have accomplished a small but extraordinarily meaningful goal. Go team.

3 thoughts on “Ray Today

    1. Thank you 🙏🏻 – the person who inspired me had cancer surgery 6 months ago yet he shines and is cancer free, and a word writing prompt. (Sparkle)

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