Half a Block Away

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There is no greater sorrow than to recall the misery in time we were happy
 - Dante

A belligerent handshake, a reluctantly shared cab.

"Do you know where to drop me off?"

Whispering heavily, unwrapping secrets,

My stomach twisted into a gilded fist,

Thrown so hard, 

It's stopping and I disregard,

Your sadness to push out my resistance on the dance floor.

Silly, futile shakers who still Tango,
Upholding with tight hands and slumped over a rag doll.
Ridiculous, slipknot and a stitch together jerking her up and over a shoulder.
Wretched, I slouch here on my stool, nearly fainting towards nowhere.
A light switch flipped over your shoulders,
Peeling myself off of you then leaving the barnyard,
Those lowing cows in the beer soaked yellow fields,
I raced so you could drive me up to the meadows.
Somewhere. It's dark under my hood.
Like bags of rice and flour worth nothing,
White commodities, just pigs playing poker.

It’s a funny thing I hear you laughing at some jokes and old stories.
Chicago's elevated trains and trades a slope. 
You hysterical, fowl, scorn defenders take a quick look at me,
Face first cheek down to cry on the dry boards.
So cheap – she's broken but a workhorse.
My face looks like a raw pie, my eyes long for azure sky.
Burning. Dash. Cold. 
A salted perspiration drips past my evolutionary beliefs.
I bled myself dry from the hot rays, the running down a mad sow.
She doesn't know that secretly someone already paid,
Her flesh white and the other, a longing in the piglet who braces itself,
She becomes a delicate lily, but flung into mud and dung.

Twisted into a sans serif, aching,
It hurts on the gray face of concrete. 
Twenty-four lines back, out west a speechwriter took his holiday.
Filibuster and revolution on the kitchen floor,
Swinging doors evacuate eight, or maybe 12, but I recall the 64th.
Play it with emotion, singing a cappella of coarse.

Extract your lists. Add the new potion —
Pointed at my wrist.
My brain, now a fist to your remiss. Who laughs of love's languishing 
Falls high divided from its alabaster precipice.

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