Angelic Details

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Lampfish unevolved, light the crevice,
Blindly finding their ceviche
A dinner time resevation for one,
Below the heaving inky pressures
Seas lifting other treasures.
Above on uboats rocking, spit roasted on a gun,
On rising waves. Cresting, comes the new,
Seemingly unborn facing headlong, due east.
Darwinian measures for Blackbeards pleasures,
Never found a way to count the treats.

Good boys tell lies,
Dead girls stay sweet,
Against your spies,
We lost
At our cost.
Yet in evolution’s last stand,
We find a willful brooding miner,
That ugly bottom feeder,
Seedlings lesser by designer.
Deedless fish, which unrefined,
Never stated their plans.
As one’s unsightly underbite remarked,
“Such a lamplit fool I am.”

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