I can’t sir. I am not prone tonight to eat heaving and

Sounding out sloppy syllabic English.

Sisyphus gave blood I heard yesterday

Helping out our cause at the five and dime.

When outnumbered run faster, he remarked

Wiping his brow and tossing aside a bead from his neck.

Colors streaking and bleeding while

Ten Red Crossing Guards walked down hill

To deliver us to a corner. Each and every cell

Even at the  coroners. Then cohorts we went ringing

All their bells dying to laugh at elderly crooks.

Well, dear, didn’t we?

Of Main, 1st, Acme, Arapaho.

Why do you even know – tell me –

What neighborhood streets fired off,

Sizzled by before the funerals.

Our ages ranged then arranged from

Dead red four two beats and too, too orange ade.

Sleepless? Well, sleep less.

Circadian arcane rhythms in the nacht muzhik

Dreamless drum beat Heartland 3-1 but who cares

Because tonight its core cooled just enough

Down to the touch networked our fingers enraptured

Engraved in graves for the book of the year  of the  dead

Picture us happy with Sisyphus’ Stoney strain

Upwards, shooting from frozen dreams

Bodies consumed by frequencies

And waves of electronic singing 180 degree miles away.

Off handedly I followed the paths of railway miles yet

So far only the shofar sings in the deserted diner.

I traded a philosopher’s stone for water sieved

Through the mazes etched in the lime of aquifer stones.

100 year contract for signing away, singing and astray

Your dearest routes and longest Rights of way.


2 thoughts on “Cantcer

  1. Thank you for really reading my poetry and picking up on the positive messages we are all supposed to follow along with – my oncologist said my tenacity and my dark humor are the attributes that will keep me going – for a long time he feels. I also have ADHD, which is not a very feminine disease, so I suppose I’m too busy doing too many things to find time to focus on dying ;))

  2. Ah yes – the positivity posters! Gotta’ love their pablum-pushing little hearts. They no doubt mean well, but most have NO idea.

    NOT they we don’t need to remain positive and hold on to hope, but we *also* need to touch authentic feelings about just how darned *tough* it is sometimes. (much tougher than remaining on the positive side of the denial demarcation).

    Great post. Ilene. Thanks for sharing.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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