Want vs. Need – to be human is to need

But as human beings we need others. He remarked, “I want you,” – that’s a perception of me as object. We want a car, we want a computer. We need other humans – and that is the definition of love to me. Giving of yourself of love – not only the romantic kind of love, but the love we give of ourselves even when things seem the darkest. I told him I need you – in response.


My hope: someone else reads this and realizes others besides themselves feel the heaviness of the life they’ve led and the weight of what the future holds and finds they’re not alone… Reads this with the comfort that if there is just one person who feels this way means others, too, share their pain. After reading this they go on through the day knowing other people who “get it.” Or perhaps the fact deepens the wellspring of hope out of your physical reach. But it’s okay for the “strong.” The ones who people depend on not those who depend on others, our shoulders broaden with time like the trunk of a tree. Ah, it’s all that, and not simple.

Sometimes fear rules over love. Living in fear brings a darkness. The kind of dark without any light at all. The darkness of the universe. Living with love in your soul brings light, and the light brings peace to your soul.

Light and love bring peace and knowledge. Knowledge of many kinds – of the self, of others, and a broader wisdom beyond temporal time – yesterday, the here and now, tomorrow. Light illuminates Spiritual knowledge. As overwhelming as it may seem, actually it’s quite peaceful. It’s knowledge of the fleeting nature of suffering. Knowledge of our short, blink of an eye length of time here we only experience a few moments to deeply interact with other human consciousnesses, with their own crosses to bear, their own fears, and shadows cast by their souls between light and darkness.  It’s therefore incumbent upon those who found peace in the light to bear a torch or at least light a candle for those who cannot find the way due to unwillingness or in this case death. Whether temporarily or because it’s been so long that they can remember what happiness is like, bringing them strength to pull themselves into the light so they can find love, is necessarily our task.

As an aside, last Friday night at sundown on the Jewish sabbath, I lit six candles – one for each of the good souls responsible for my existence and passing on the responsibility of bringing love into this world. The six candles were for my parents, both of whom I lost very recently, and my four grandparents. Leah Kaminsky nee Fox, my paternal grandmother, died in 1969 of metastatic breast cancer. She died before any of my miraculous and poisonous treatments became available for her. Who knows what my life would have been with her in this world. But one cannot speculate. The universe works always as it should.

I realized after lighting those six yertzheit candles at sundown last Friday, how my Jewish heritage celebrated life, not with food of which so many of us joke, but with light. (They fought us, we won, let’s eat.)

I learnt recently that the Jews view the flame of candles to represent the human body, mind, and spirit. Those are the three colors around the wick of a candle: the blue light closest to the wick that burns the hottest, represents the physical body that requires energy (or food – candles were made from bees wax in long past days); the white light next, representing the mind that’s fueled by the body; and the outer red flame represents the soul’s connection to the body and mind and also the light that creates brightness and connects to everything we know and the unknowable universe.

Remembering that life brings love and fear shrouds us in darkness, I looked through tears at my husband who suffers from depression. He refuses treatment. In my tears I tell him that my struggle with cancer becomes much more difficult when he cannot be with me if he refuses help. He believes it’s not authentic if he gets outside help, yet it’s now been two full years. By doing so I feel like he denies me the joy that would help to keep me alive in good health longer. It’s no secret that stress and unhealthy relationship cause illness.  By withholding treatment he’s withholding love from himself, and from me. I believe in some ways perhaps I am selfish, and that I should depend on myself for joy.

But as human beings we need others. He remarked, “I want you,” – that’s a perception of me as object. We want a car, we want a computer. We need other humans – and that is the definition of love to me. Giving of yourself of love – not only the romantic kind of love, but the love we give of ourselves even when things seem the darkest. I told him I need you – in response.

Another aside (please excuse my ADHD). About six years ago, I had $10 in my pocket, and was living through a very ugly chapter in my life that effected me to the degree of experiencing PSTD. My stepson, then nine years old, tagged along as he always did when he stayed the weekends. There sat a man outside of Whole Foods. He was suffering from bone cancer and could not afford his treatments. He wasn’t lying. You could see his eyes and his body and his shame for needing help from strangers. I gave him the last of the money I had to my name that day. My stepson asked why I gave him that money, and my answer was simply, there is always someone who has life way worse than me.

There but for the grace of god go I.

Live in love and light although today may seem so full of pain. Live knowing that you can be the light for another today when things seem so dark and hopeless to them right now. And know you’re not alone, you are amongst a world of people who will bring light today along with you. My birthday is June 21st – the longest day of the year. Was the universe giving me a big responsibility that day? I must assume if I believe in the human spirit that indeed my task is such. But it’s heavy, my shoulders hurt, and my knees are swollen from the weight. But here I stand, while others cannot even get out of bed today.

No chance at all I’d leave my love in his time of darkness. I’ll help light the hidden path until he takes it.

Fuck cancer. I’m stronger than anything that can be handed this physical self. My tenacity and my humor carry me from test to test. Some I pass, others I fail; yet my life’s biggest test is as long as I can stand here and reach out to others and say, “I need you.”

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  1. Your writings really convey the things that count the most. Too often people comprise theirselves as people who matter and are more than a number or an illness. The Pain described in different posts is something of a torturous endeavor that seems to have no end. Reading on the UPS post and the bullshit dealing with India is about the almighty dollar. When you wrote of the nurse coughing her crap and saying people “like you” I also would have melted down on. It never ceases to amaze me with the jaw dropping stupidity of some that have no business being 100 feet near others who are fighting a battle they could never comprehend. Stay strong and tell it like it is. Very refreshing than the usual BS some go on and on about, that sounds like some hallmark card crap. Cancer is a terrible fucking disease and needs to be grabbed, beaten down, booted, and is a monster that no movie or book comes close to describing. My wife is battling pancreatic cancer, I’m on so called “palliative” care with a heart lined with metal, Every vein tunneled with manmade material. Dieting would be the easy road, but screw that. There is no quit. There are positive things looked at in order not to go insane. Will they amount to any difference in the end? Don’t know, don’t care, but it’s the momentband seconds that count. The laugher and love. Have no time to give it to shit that matters so little. Keep writing because that does matter. We can at least make a little sense of our own thoughts doing so. The good, the bad, and the ugly. All real and all equally as strong at different moments. Angered me to read of a husband with depression because it does impact you. Not getting treatment for it is bullshit. Because something is “hard” or “tough” sounds so ridiculous to someone experiencing their pains of no longer living at all by the changing of cells and fate. Your voice matters and thank you for using it!

    1. Mike I’m blessed to have read your words in and somehow, someway, when we need it most, encouragement out of the ether in the form of a new friend. Hug your wife, she’s beautiful and your love makes your ailing heart unstoppable. Shine on, shine on.

    1. Marcie, you certainly may – however asking if you may visit? That’s a request for permission from self aggrandize bad bosses and egotistical husbands. My world’s open 24/7/365 for you, absolutely no permission required. I’d love to see you and spend some time in our brand of peaceful uproariousness.

      Thank you for the high praise, though unjustified, but indeed I appreciate your encouragement. I await your visit and to spending much anticipated time with you – you bring beautiful light that emits genuine warmth in which I’m fortunate to have in my world, although not nearly as often as I’d like.

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