High Scanxiety

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Stila cosmetics doesn’t do very good homework on its pithy quotes on the cosmetic packaging.

With every rising of the sun, think of your life as just begun…

Opening a new palette of eyeshadow by Stila Cosmetics, these two lines, misquoted and attributed to anonymous, I of course look them up in a rapid fire web search. All of one second or less later, the results for Ella Wheeler Wilcox, a prolific poet who died in 1919 comes to my attention. The rest of the couplet based, wisdom filled short poem rang so true and so apropos of my day today.

Headed out for my CT scan and have the usual and very real scanxiety. We metastatic cancer patients all get it as do the cured brothers and sisters when they’ve got to go get a check to make certain the cancer hasn’t spread or returned.

Wish me luck. And thank you Ella for your wise wonderful words. Stila cosmetics – Shame on you for not doing a millisecond of research and giving the rightful citation to the pen who wrote the words in the Wonderful in Waikiki palette. Fix it.

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