Pt. 3 Death, Dying and Mourning: opening the Pandora’s box of grief

119? That’s the number of women who die per day from Metastatic Breast Cancer. About 240 died while I put time into writing and I must ask if part three is necessary. It is. Visiting my mother’s grave for the first time five years after her death and losing another dear friend this year to

Continue reading panel discussion on pinkification of Breast Cancer Awareness Month In today’s episode we speak with a panel of women who were diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, early stage breast cancer that metastasized, and women diagnosed with MBC de Novo. This raw and candid conversation provides education to the masses about breast cancer, metastatic breast cancer, and what the breast cancer community wants

Continue reading my ongoing conversation with Laura Carfang This podcast is entitled “why is “how are you?” Such a loaded question?” And it is a very loaded question. The subtext is always “for someone with metastatic breast cancer.” I enjoyed my talks with Laura over a three day nine hour recording and the team did a fabulous job in editing it down

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